23.05.2022, 11:42
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17:54 29.08.2016

Protests against Azov withdrawal took place in Mariupol

On August 29, the protest against the withdrawal of Special Operations Detachment "Azov" from Mariupol was held near the Azov military base.

Following the statements by the National Guard of Ukraine on the redeployment of Azov regiment in Zaporizhia Oblast, ostensibly to carry out military exercises and special assignments, the Azov Civil Corps in Mariupol became one of the initiators of protest action.

Civil society organizations and activists of Civil Corps required the NGU command to leave Azov regiment as a whole in the “M” sector for the sake of security of the front-line city. The also organized the collection of signatures for a petition with the following demands:
- to revoke the order to redeploy the Azov regiment personnel in Zaporizhia Oblast;
- to reinforce the front-line with combat-capable military units;
- to stop the policy of ceding Ukrainian national territory to the enemy pursued by the command of the ATO headquarters and National Guard;
- to ensure that terrorist acts, once committed in Mariupol, will not happen again;
- to return the Special Operations Detachment "Azov" to the front line in order to strengthen the outer defenses;

Having been organized in less than twenty-four hours, the protest rally numbered about 250 city residents. The similar number of signatures was collected in support of the protest.

It should be noted that the collection of signatures will be further continued.