24.01.2022, 21:23
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19:03 02.10.2016

Andrii Biletskyi: negotiating with Russia is absolutely senseless

“Agreements with Russia are meaningless and the Minsk format of negotiations is defeatist,” said People’s Deputy Andrii Biletskyi on one of the TV programs.
According to him, Russia has violated agreements with the United States on a cessation of hostilities and establishment of a lasting truce in Syria He explained: having killed 350 civilians in Aleppo over a three-day period, having moved up the reserves, Russia began a totally different round of this war in terms of hard-kill actions.

The West claims that it is the last warning to Russia on Syria but at the same time forces us to negotiate with Russia It seems that there are two Russias and two different wars," says Biletskyi. He noted that the West also claims that Russia is not only supplying weapons, but also bombs Syrian cities.

"The same thing is happening in Ukraine isn’t it? Russia is not only supplying weapons, it pulls the trigger and bombs Ukrainian villages and towns," said the politician. Among other things, Biletskyi pointed out that during the process of implementation of the Minsk agreements more than 1,000 Ukrainian soldiers were killed.

"Minsk format is defeatist. It is impossible to come to an acceptable agreement under it. We need a different diplomatic format and other form of military pressure on Russia and the separatists," he concluded.