22.05.2022, 06:56
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13:19 12.10.2016

Andriy Biletsky: March of the Nation - March of Independence

Friends, comrades, patriots!

It's time to bear our teeth. In the light of the statement by the President of France on the need to hold elections in the occupied territories without the withdrawal of the aggressor's military, I'll have to make a statement also on behalf of the Ukrainian people. Our response should resound not only on Bankova and Grushevskogo streets. It should be also heard in Paris in Washington, and especially in Moscow. The people of Ukraine did not sign the capitulation and the people of Ukraine shed too much blood of its best sons and daughters to make a step that will destroy our hope for Independence. I ask all of you to take to the streets on Friday. This Friday we planned to hold the traditional march. But after the announcement by the President of France this march is of particular importance. We will not storm the government buildings, will not capture the parliament. However, we will show how many people are ready to take decisive action once they try to register a draft law on elections in the occupied territories. We enter the streets to show our numbers. We enter the streets to show that Maidan has not ended. We enter the streets to show that Ukraine is not a territory with a population at one's disposal. We are the nation. It is us who decide in which country to live and raise children And we will win. Join us. Comrades from Right Sector and C14 have confirmed their participation, but we would like to see as many new faces as possible. Come with families and children Together we are the invincible strength.