24.01.2022, 21:38
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08:38 05.10.2016

Andrii Biletskyi visited Chernihiv and met with activists of Azov Civil Corps and city residents

Yesterday, 4 October, leader of the Azov movement Andrii Biletskyi came to Chernihiv. Many residents of the city, including volunteers, students, community leaders, journalists, Azov CC activists and non-indifferent citizens came to the meeting with him at the Tarnavskyi Historical Museum.
During the meeting, Andrii introduced himself and spoke about military history of Azov Regiment, but the main focus of his speech was on the Azov Civil Corps and the extremely difficult situation in our country. He also shared his view of the future and of the possible capabilities of the Ukrainian state.
The meeting was held in an open format and each participant could ask Andrii a question, thus prompting a lively conversation and discussion.
A striking and memorable moment during the meeting was the signing of the Colours by the first commander of the Azov battalion Andrii Biletskyi. Under this flag the regiment carried out almost all its combat operations and it is now kept in the museum, which hosted the meeting.
That was the first meeting with Andrii Biletskyi held in Chernihiv.