27.05.2022, 15:45
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10:04 16.09.2016

Andrii Biletskyi met with activists of Azov Civil Corps Mariupol

“Mariupol cell of the Azov Civil Corps is one of the most important branches of our movement” - with these words Andrii Biletskyi began the meeting with the activists of Azov CC Mariupol. Then he continued: “It is important for us to keep Mariupol Ukrainian, and if other cities will see the progress of Mariupol cell, our success in a front-line city - we will be strong in every corner of our country.”

After meetings with journalists, community leaders and residents of Mariupol the leader of our movement visited the renewed “TOR” base, where the Azov Civil Corps Mariupol resides, with the command of the regiment Azov - Friend Cherkas and Friend Mose. It also stands to mention that the Mariupol cell has recently got new leadership. Andrii Biletskyi’s visit turned into a two-hour discussion on the work of activists. They posed a number of questions to regarding the objectives he wants them to reach, the short-term plans our movement, touched upon the issue of "Intermarium" and other relevant topics.

“Young people - this is our driving force, the future of the state depends on them,” - said Andrii Biletskyi at the end of the meeting and called on the activists of the Azov CC to recruit people into the ranks of our movement.