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In the times of peace we were managers and engineers, students, businessmen, athletes and football fans. But the troubled times came – the times of war. Many would give up, make excuses, ask too many unnecessary questions and mark time. But we made up our minds immediately. It didn’t matter whether the state would provide us with everything necessary, whether we would get an official status, we didn’t ponder over our personal futures.

As time went on, our numbers grew, we trained and gained combat experience. Right now, we are the "Azov" special purpose regiment, a part of the National Guard of Ukraine. We are the defenders of our homeland. We are one of the most battle-worthy military units of Ukraine.

In our unit, we impose the dry law, we don’t tolerate looting, we do not earn money on frauds. Our only priority is protection of our homeland. If you follow materialistic principles – we are going different ways. If you are not ready to give all your strength to the struggle - we are going different ways. Our people are engaged in sports, train and prepare their body and soul to fight every day. Times of war with unorganized gangs are gone, all of them were eliminated at the beginning. Now the war is waged with the Russian regular army and professional mercenaries. We can not afford to remain at the same level, we must continuously improve ourselves.

We created a new training base where we select the candidates who will become our regiment soldiers in the future. Selection course lasts for two weeks and consists of physical and psychological tests. The war is in full swing, so we are limited in time and the course is as intensive as it can be. You will be trained by AZOV's soldiers who have combat experience, professional instructors of various specialties, as well as foreign instructors. If you succeed, you can officially join the ranks of our regiment and will be sent to the units that suit your skills and strengths. But learning does not end there. In the future, you will train as part of your unit and constantly raise your level. We are the special purpose regiment, so we have to be worthy of this status. Each fighter has to become a professional soldier, trained, able to fulfill an order at any time.

If you are willing to endure all the tests, become stronger and defend our country, we are waiting for you in our training camp of the "Azov" special purpose regiment.