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10:55 23.05.2016


The “Azovians” handed the Museum of Taras Shevchenko in Kaniv their most precious military finding – the book about the Great Kobzarentitled “Eternal as the folk” with an epigraph “Our soul doesn`t die, our will doesn`t die…” One-third burnt by fire book was found in the school crushed by the enemy`s artillery in Shyrokyne, which was reconquered from the Russian terrorists on February of 2015 bythe Azov regimentduring the significant for our subunit offensive operation. On Tarasovamountain,the book was handed on to the museum by the fighter of the AZOV regiment IllyaZelinskiy from Mykolayiv. It was he who took it out of the classroom ruinedby the shells during the fighting in Shyrokyne near Mariupol, and now he symbolically passedit to the museum in Kaniv.

In his short speech IllyaZelinskiy confidently stressed as follows: “Everybody who raised his hand against the Ukrainian statehood and liberty will be punished”. He concluded the speech withexclamation “Glory to Ukraine ”, and theDnipro cliffs responded polyphonically: “Death to the enemies!”

On May 22,the 155th anniversary of Taras Shevchenko`s reburial was celebrated in Kaniv in the Cherkasy region. Thousands of Ukrainians,among themmany of “Azovians,”from all over Ukraine visited Tarasova mountain in Kanivat which were held thecelebrations on the occasion of Kobzar`s reburial; the foreign delegates from Romania and France also visited it.Lots of public figures, folk artists and concerned patriots participated in this event.

It’s quite remarkable that on the same day an old Russwordwas exhibited at the Museum of Shevchenko in Kaniv. It was accidentally extracted fromthe Dnipro riverby fisherman in 2011near the Khortytsia island. The historians relate this sword to the times of Svyatoslav the Brave. The “Azovians”seized an opportunity to takea photograph with the reliclikemanyother visitors of this exposition.