22.05.2022, 08:16
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13:11 28.09.2016

Azovians commented on demobilization bill vetoed by President Poroshenko

The Azovians have commented on the veto imposed by President Poroshenko on a law regarding the demobilization of soldiers who had performed 18 months of military service under contract.
Skheshnyk: "I believe that the situation surrounding the adoption of this law is somewhat of a double-edged sword. On the one hand, we should think about the defense capacity, which can be really reduced in case of the adoption, because at least one third of the army can simply scatter at the earliest opportunity. And on the other, it allows us to rid the ranks of unmotivated people, who are of no use to us. Although I believe that as long as there's a war in our country, one has to remain in position instead of going home or dealing with personal affairs."
Bliednyi: "I think the President's decision to veto the law on demobilization is not quite right. Look, there are people who were ready and are now ready to give their lives for their country. But when a person has already spent more than two years at the front line, he or she understands that this hybrid war has gone on for too long. There is no command to go on the offensive. Simply sitting in trenches and receiving bullets from separatists without the right to return fire on the enemy is obviously wrong. If these people do not want to fight, then let them go home. Take my word for it: if, God forbid, something goes wrong, those people, who are still ready to fight, will be the first to join our ranks in the Armed Forces, the National Guard or any other combat unit."
Fakhid: "Having vetoed the law on demobilization on the pretext that it would undermine the country's defense potential, he did not think that most of the soldiers who had signed a contract for the special period, are already demoralized and should be replaced across the boundary line."
Kult: "The president does not want to demob those, who should have already been at home. This is wrong, because many of those who have been in military service since 2014, are already tired and want to go home (particularly the Armed Forces units). It would be better to replace them with new people (second-line units), and return volunteer battalions to the front line."