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14:05 14.10.2016


October 14, 2016, on the traditional holiday of Ukrainian military honor, in Kyiv was held a congress of the political party of the AZOV movement - National Corps Established on a basis of the AZOV Civil Corps, it united veterans of the AZOV regiment, patriots and activists.

Andriy Biletsky, the founder and the first commander of the AZOV regiment, MP, was unanimously elected the leader of the party by 292 delegates from all regions of Ukraine Levko Lukyanenko and Myroslav Symchych, prisoners of Soviet camps and veterans of the struggle for independence, as well as acclaimed Ukrainian writer Vasyl Shkliar, among others, the author of the book on the glorious path of the AZOV regiment, congratulated the congress participants on the emergence of the new nationalist force. Musician Arseniy Bilodub, the vocalist of the famous band "Sokyra Peruna," on behalf of Right Sector wished good luck to National Corps and underlined that Ukrainian nationalist organizations were comrades, not rivals. The AZOV regiment was represented on a scene by its acting commander, Mosse, who made it clear that the new party defends the interests of the state and all Ukrainian soldiers who struggled and laid down their lives for Ukraine their goal was not capitulation almost signed by the current Ukrainian authorities.

Before the presentation of the party program, was shown the video disclosing the history of the AZOV movement. Afterwards the delegates approved the Party Program and Charter. In his salutatory speech Andriy Biletsky, the leader of National Corps emphasized the following: "We have to become not the party of words, but deeds. Enough of words. Ukraine needs deeds."

The first principle of the program presentation was the need to build up the Baltic-Black Sea Union (Intermarium). The West, USA in particular, betrayed the obligation to defend Ukraine s territorial integrity under the Budapest memorandum in exchange for the renunciation of nuclear weapons by the latter. Instead of developing the geopolitical bloc comprised of Ukraine s natural regional allies, the Ukrainian government and president literally kneel in front of an international community asking for aid. Thus Ukraine s defense priority would be the restoration of the nuclear potential, aircraft and rocket building, as well as the creation of powerful Armed Forces consisting of a professional army based on contract principles and a defense army based on territorial principles. Moreover, will be established the professional Foreign Legion aimed at protecting Ukrainian interests on the international arena. "We have the internal knowledge of the situation on the front and thus are able to secure the victory of Ukraine " said the party representative.