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13:47 08.12.2015

The AZOV movement

The AZOV movement

War actualizes the spirit the past, not only puts to the test our own. Since the dawning of the new historical era, we gained the opportunity to stand at the head of myth making. Time passed, and we have changed. Our numbers grew - from two dozen activists in the Maidan to two thousand soldiers in the special purpose brigade. From several firearms obtained on the battlefield - to our own tank production.

Relying solely on our own strength and capabilities, we have managed to create a military and public force that is ontologically new to Ukraine. Within half a year of intensive work, we created more than a highly professional battle-worthy team of fighters at the front - a powerful basis was set up around the military formation including a number of political, social, environmental, cultural and educational initiatives.

To ensure the operation of such a broad organization, were involved hundreds of volunteers and activists.  Mainly these are initiative young people with a similar ideological worldview. It is through the common understanding of the historical context of modernity that one realizes the necessity to take the further development into his own hands.

That's why AZOV has Officer School for training the military commanders in accordance with the standards of NATO, a training camp for new recruits who pass the final exam "Azov - Spartan," an engineering group, which carries out repair and modernization of military equipment, Drone School which is the "eyes" of the intelligence, a volunteer group of foreign instructors with extensive combat experience, and Natiocracy School for political education of the Civil Corps activists.

Previously, the name of "Azovians" was attributed only to the fighters of the combat unit, now the "Azovian" is a person of a new structure who represents a qualitatively new identity. Each "Azovian" carries a trail of combat achievements of the military unit, social activism, political ambitions and ideological vector – the spirit of the AZOV military family.