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16:00 04.04.2016

The Fourth Estate and the initiation of impeachment

The largest journalistic investigation in the history of the media shed the light on the dark financial side of many famous politicians and public figures. Draft International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) and the Centre for research of corruption and organized crime (OCCRP) attracted to their work more than 400 journalists from 80 countries, who published the material in their States. In particular, some Ukrainian politicians were distinguished.

According to the results of the journalistic investigation, it was revealed that the President of Ukraine Peter Poroshenko is the founder of a foreign company with its registered office in the British Virgin Islands, which, of course, is a direct violation of anti-corruption requirements. In accordance with the Constitution, the president has no right to carry on business, and if this fact really happened (from the published materials it is obvious that it is true), it shows a gross violation of the basic law of Ukraine by a man who should guarantee its performance.

In addition, the members of the international journalistic investigation accused Peter Poroshenko in many years of lies to the "Roshen" company, the owner of which he still is.

There is no official reaction of the Ukraine President. But we can see the reaction of other politicians. Therefore, Oleg Lyashko said that he initiates the impeachment process against the president. Of course, the leader of the radicals has repeatedly acted against his own statements, but given the magnitude of the spread of these facts in the media, the accusations unequivocally require the reaction of the first person of the Government.

It is possible that the international journalistic investigation can trigger radical changes in the country, which, of course, won't be linked to the radical party and its controversial leader. It may happen that this case will put the question about the new president of Ukraine.