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13:26 08.12.2015

Civil Front

In the current historical period, the Ukrainian nation is being reborn in the struggle. Once the "Azov" regiment has achieved significant success in the war with rapacious Moscow, an internal political enemy showed up. Now our nation is in a state of siege.

Ukrainian politics is saturated with enemy agents. The share of patriots and nationalists in the government is tiny. The country is ruled by strangers and traitors, pursuing the interests of barbaric Moscow, international Europe and impersonal oligarchic capital.

Resistance to these processes does exist. The "Azov" regiment develops and strengthens. We are a community of nationalists whose highest ideals are safety, success and strength of the Ukrainian nation. Therefore, a logical step in the development of our community is covering not only the military front, but also mastering the situation throughout Ukraine in the social and political realm.

The "Azov" Civil Corps begins its active work across Ukraine - an organization that sets important and difficult, but feasible goals for nationalists:

-         provide reliable support for the front in the rear;

-         unite the civil part of the Ukrainian nation into a single community;

-         train activists who will continue defending our national interests;

-         most importantly – cleanse Ukrainian politics at all levels of international and openly hostile lobbyists, giving way to young and sincere patriots, committed to the national ideals of Ukraine.

Every patriot of Ukraine located in the rear of our soldiers can and should be a participant of the “Azov" Civil Corps. Everyone should make a contribution to the life of the Ukrainian nation: to do volunteering, to provide the front with essentials, to join the national squads and territorial defense, to organize and participate in trainings of nationalists. This is what the "Azov" Civil Corps is currently engaged in.

Each nationalist has his tasks. However, we fight the common battle. We must give the Ukrainian nation an opportunity to live freely and safely in our own state, to manage it independently, to possess the wealth of our country and to provide secure, dignified and happy future for our children and descendants, augmenting our ancestors’ glory. As a result, our common victory will be an achievement of every one of us.


The fight is life. For each of us this struggle is both common and personal business. The "Azov" Civil Corps is a place where you can fulfill yourself by making a significant contribution to the cause of our whole nation.