29.01.2022, 08:32
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17:00 08.04.2016

The Civilian Corps AZOV Dnepropetrovsk initiates the renaming of the streets that have communistic names

The letter with a request to rename three streets that have communistic names was composed and sent to the governor of the region Reznichenko by activists of the Civil Corps AZOV Dnepropetrovsk.

We offer to rename the "Novorossiyskaya" Street in the honor of the football fans of the Dnepropetrovsk - of the people who actively expressed their pro-Ukrainian position since the beginning of the revolution, who became volunteers, went to war as volunteers, who have lost a lot of their friends and gave their lives for Ukraine and we offer to name this street "Bolelishitskaya". The "Rostovskaya" street should be called the street of the "ATO Heroes" - in honor of the soldiers who have defended and protected our land, and those who died for its freedom. Also, the "Ispolkomovskya" street named by the Soviet regime we offer to call the "Kneajevskaya" street and with this action we will immortalize the era of the Kievan Russ, of our glorious ancestors.

According to the law of decommunisation, all the streets promoting the Soviet past and have a pro-Russian name should be renamed, because future generations must live on the streets named in honor of their heroes and connected with their homeland, and not with other people's ideas and propaganda!