23.05.2022, 11:15
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12:08 08.09.2016

Ukrainian State Film Agency started production of a film about Azovians titled “The Company of Steel”

The production of a full-length documentary film "The Company of Steel" about the soldiers of the Second Sotnia (Company) of Azov regiment has been started.
According to the Ukrainian State Film Agency, the "The Company of Steel" became the winner of 8th competitive selection organized by it. The "Directory Films" company is responsible for the process of production. It signed a contract on the provision of full support from the state amounting to 197,000 UAH.

Julia Hontaruk, the scriptwriter and film director, said that this film is not just about the war in the east of Ukraine but rather about how the conflict is changing people's lives. This film was given that name because its protagonists are the soldiers of the Second Sotnia of Azov regiment. They earned the name of "Iron Hundred" in a fierce fighting during the Shyrokyno offensive operation in February 2015. The plot of the film is based on interviews with Azov fighters.

"The Ukrainian State Film Agency has supported this project, because the topic it touches – the reintegration of soldiers into civilian life - requires disclosure and coverage. As for us, we will do everything possible to release the film , - said the Chairman of the USFA Philip Illienko.