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18:55 31.05.2018

FB + FSB: For that, the National Corps page has been deleted

Today, Facebook has removed a number of posts on the official page of the party in the social network, disconnecting the public. We are very indignant at this decision and want to challenge it.

The political party of Ukraine National Corps is officially registered by the
Ministry of Justice of Ukraine under number 10000000538959 from January 12,

April 5, 2018, on our official page on Facebook we covered the events concerning the
4th anniversary of the creation of the special operations detachment «Azov»
(http://azov.press), which is the part of the National Guard of Ukraine
(http://ngu.gov.ua). And you deleted the photos from this event. Adding the

We have taken into consideration your claim. However, we still believe that these
photos can not violate the Facebook Terms and Community Standards. All four
photos show the official logo of the special operations detachment «Azov». It is
officially redistricted and always used on behalf of the National Guard of Ukraine
The official explanation of the National Guard of Ukraine of the legal status the
special operations detachment «Azov».

The National Guard of Ukraine is officially subordinated to the Ministry of Internal
Affairs of Ukraine (http://mvs.gov.ua/), headed by the Minister of Internal Affairs of
Ukraine Arsen Avakov (fb.com/arsen.avakov). The special operations detachment
«Azov» with its attributes is often mentioned on all these official pages. For example:
Screenshot and explanation in English:

We also add the official document, which is approved by the Ukrainian Institute of
Industrial Property:

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko several times rewarded Azov militants.
You can read all the issued decrees on the official website of the President of Ukraine
For example: http://www.president.gov.ua/documents/6412014-17524

Taking into account all the presented proofs about the special operations detachment
«Azov» as a part of the state forces, we insist on giving back our page. We also ask to
show us the rule from the Facebook Terms and Community Standards, which we
We would like to point out that the Facebook office of Central and Eastern Europe is
located in Moscow. We truly believe that these actions against our political party is
the part of the hybrid warfare conducting by Russia
Nearly 100,000 Facebook users are waiting for unblocking our page.
We ask the Facebook Team and especially its owner Mark Zuckerberg to take this
situation into consideration. We are looking forward for a positive reply. We have
also created a backup page: