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14:36 06.04.2016

The «Azov» Engineering Group has invented a new tank «Tirex»

The chief editor of the "Defense Express" magazine Sergey Zgurets published the cover of the magazine, which shows the front view of the new tank, called "Tirex", developed by the engineering group "Azov". He said about it on his Facebook page.

 "As it is known, the fighting in the area of the ATO lead the Defense Ministry to the need for an urgent solution of the problem of the further modernization of the T-64 tank and the creation of a heavy IFV. These targets are signified by the state order of the 2016." - He wrote.

The journalist also said that in order to select the best ways there were both public and private entities involved. "One of the "package" decisions - both of the deep modernization of T-64, and of the heavy, infantry fighting vehicle -is based on an initiative proposal of the "Azov" engineering group” - Zgurets said.

According to his words, the tank "Tirex" - is a deep modernization of T-64 and it is offeredas a new Ukrainian transition tank. "The aim is to rapidly provide the tank and mechanized units with the model of the equipment, which by its combat effectiveness will be comparable, and with the introduction of tactical control system - will exceed the capacities of the most modern Ukrainian IFV tank "Oplot" - the journalist said.

He also noted that according to judgement of the developers, "Tirex" will exceed the capacities of the T-64 in the form of IFV "Bulat" by the criterion of "efficiency - cost". In particular, the mobility of the tank and the military use of it at night will be comparable to the price.