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15:36 19.05.2016


A major all-Ukrainian action “The nation`s requirements – no to the capitulation,” which will take place in Kyiv tomorrow, is coming. On the eve of 20th May quite a number of activists of Civil Corps AZOV faced the prohibition on the participation in the action bytheir universities. A special attention attracts Mariupol, the city which was released by back then the AZOV battalion in summer of 2014, the city which has been under the protection of our regiment for 2 years. Exactly there emergedone of the first local branches of Civil Corps AZOV.

We found out that one of the professors of the Mariupol Professional lyceum phoned the parentsof those students who takean active part in the events of Civil Corps AZOV. She explained to them that at the teacher’s councilwas reciteda request letter from the respectivebodieswhich called for making a list of active supporters of movements like Civil Corps AZOV and other organizations.Besides, they set amandatory task to inform the students and their parents about the illegality of these movements, especially AZOV. The lady also warned parentsagainst letting their children attend the next event in Kyiv (the march “The nation`s requirements – no to the capitulation”), because the guardianship board can annul their parental rights and the children may be expelled from their universities. In particular, it`s noteworthy that parents and children were not allowed to familiarize themselves with this information.

The same happened to one of the technical secondary schools, which is a branch of Azovian State Technical University. This educational institution also threatens its students with the failure in the exams and expulsion if they miss the lessonson the 20th May. They didn’t say anything about the march “The nation`s requirements”as such, but if namely on May 20 the students don`t attend the lessons, their studyat the technical college will be over in the worst possible way. It should be noted that according to the session schedule of the technical college, there are neither exams, nor tests on May 20.

It`s worth a mention that we know the names of these professors, as well as the names of other persons involved in anti-patriotic showsat the Mariupol educational institutions. An extreme disappointment is caused by the fact that everything described above takes place in Mariupol, the city which is literally native for AZOV.

Despite all of this, the activists from Mariupol will arrivein Kyiv to participate in the march “The nation`s requirements – no to the capitulation,” and no obstaclescanaffectthe strength of our march against the capitulation of Ukraine at war.