28.05.2022, 07:07
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20:29 05.10.2016

March of Unbowed

14 October is the day of Ukrainian heroism.
That date is sacred for our nation. On the day of Ukrainian valour and heroism, we reiterate that the long-lasting struggle of our people for independence and prosperity continues.
Enemies failed to break our will, aggressors failed to intimidate us and doubts failed to stop us. While the best of us died fighting for Ukrainian land and for peaceful sleep of our children traitors and cowards wasted valuable time on misappropriation of public funds, profanation of reforms and defeatism. The finest sons of our motherland laid down their lives not for that Ukraine
Today we say "No" to defeatism and surrender!
The war for Ukraine should end in our victory!
We say "No" to the corrupt government!
It’s high time to restore order in this country!
Capitulation is a choice of the government, but not yours!