04.03.2021, 21:25
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20:17 28.03.2016

Natiocratic vision of justice

For the leftists justice is the same thing as equality. For nationalists this is the ratio of rights and duties. The one who takes more responsibility, will have more rights. This is justice.

All of us are different: educated and not, strong or physically unfit, financially secure, or, conversely, need help. However, each of us has something to offer to the society. At school, you may often observe that the student who’s better at literature or history sits at the same table with a pupil who is better at mathematics. Together they can do much more than individually. If it is easy for children to establish the natural order, why wouldn't adults try the same?

The question of fairness is closely related to the question of the leading estate of society – the elite. Nowadays it is fashionable to speculate on how people will carry out the state control and the government will faithfully fulfill their desires. In fact, this is a demagoguery, and the dangerous one. The illusion of control over the authorities prevent the society from exercising real control. A nation has the right and duty to form and lead the elite to power, the elite that will be worthy of it. The question is not if somebody will be in charge of us – the question is what kind of people will do this. The best people will always take all the responsibility, and scoundrels will always say: "You have chosen... you are the nation... you are the power."

The older people remember what kind of "equality" was between the party leaders and ordinary people of "USSR.” The "equality" is just the same thing in today's society. Nationalists do not promise equality, because they are not liars. They promise to bring to power people that our nation will not be ashamed of and they promise to put full responsibility on them. They promise to give the strong leaders an opportunity to serve to the nationwide cause, and provide the weak people with protection and care.

For thousands of years the ruling elite of the nation consisted of people who were willing to lay down their lives for it, and confirmed their willingness with their own blood and the blood of their enemies. The most educated nations that formed the intellectual elite helped them in the implementation of the state functions. Then, under the cover of demagogy, the oligarchs, officials and politicians-liars replaced them. The exploitation of people and the continuous mode of betrayal they cynically cover with their slogans of democracy.

But for the first time in a long period, we can restore justice. We are a new generation of people who voluntarily took the burden of the country's defense in the most difficult times. Some take up arms, some gives away his efforts and money, often risking their lives along with the soldiers. In terms of complete impotence of the so-called "people's representatives" and officials who live off our money they have assumed responsibility for the country.

The history has always sent us some tests and in return, it gave us the most precious thing – the best people of our nation. Now it is our turn to choose. If we choose them, it will be the incarnation of Natiocratic view on justice.

Eduard Yurchenko