22.05.2022, 08:06
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18:00 24.09.2018

The National Corps demand from the authorities to stop terror and provocations against nationalists!

Odesa territorial organization of the National Corps Party is on the way to the Main Directorate of the National Police in the city to ask law enforcement officials when the persecutions against public activists and journalists will be finished.

One more attack against the Ukrainian patriot happened in Odesa: this time, someone shot Oleg Mikhailyk, an activist and politician. He remains in critical condition at the hospital.

We are convinced that intimidation and attempts on lives of active, pro-Ukrainian citizens of Odesa are directly related to their public activities and the struggle against the revenge of the "Russkiy mir" and criminality in the city.

Therefore, we appeal to the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine the Security Service of Ukraine and the National Police to intervene and to take all necessary activities to avoid further chaos and destabilization of the situation in Odesa. We also demand to carry out a transparent investigation of the crimes against pro-Ukrainian activists as well as to punish not only the performers but also the contractors.

Moreover, the National Corps suppose the existence of a clear connection between the systematic persecution of patriots in the Odesa region and the provocation with the attack on "anarchists" in Lviv in the evening on September 23. The authorities are trying to embroil the National Corps into Lviv subculture squabbles with which neither the National Corps nor other organizations of the Azov movement have nothing in common.

By organizing provocations and distorting the information field, the authorities try to cover their inaction and inability to investigate criminal attacks against patriots in the Odesa region and the Kherson region (an attempt on Katerina Handzjuk’s life) and to prevent them.

The authorities will not be able to deceive people with such meaningless methods and technologies - the truth is for us! The National Corps has always defended and will continue to defend the interests of the Ukrainian people. Together we will win!