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18:37 20.05.2016


Today, on the 20thof May, many-thousand march, “The nation`s requirements – no to the capitulation”walked across the streets in the Kyiv center. At least 10 000 persons participated in this action. The photos of the action are the proof for it. Despite the fact that some enemies of the Nation rumor about the paid character of the AZOV movement’s action, we proved the opposite by our multitude, cohesion and resoluteness.

The processionstartedat the Motherland Monument. The column was headed by the Kharkivbranch of Civil Corps AZOV. Ahead of it were driven the carsfrom which werecried the slogans through the megaphone and resounded rataplan of tulumbas performed by “BlackZaporozhians,” modern followers of the same legendary formation of the times of liberation movement to whom we are especially grateful.

The march was heading to the Parliament to say a resolute “no” to the capitulation of our state in the war and call on the authoritiesto hold elections in the Donbas only after the restoration of control over the state border of Ukraine

Slogans “Glory to Ukraine ” and Ukraine is above all!”were the first among the shoutscried by the columns of patriots. By the slogan “East and West are one!” the participants of the processionproved that Ukrainians from all the parts of our state, from Mariupol to Lutsk, from Kharkiv to Uzhhorod, arrived to support “The nation`s requirements.”On the halfwayalong the capital’s streets,in the smoke of pyrotechnics were heard the mottos “Free and independent Ukraine ” and “One single unified Ukraine ”.Concerned residents of Kyiv and guests of the capital joined to the activists of Civil Corps AZOV during the procession. A lot of people were also interested in the action, took photographs of this all-Ukrainian national march that hasn`t been seen in the capital in a long time.

As soon as the march approached the VerkhovnaRada, AndriyBiletsky,the leader of the AZOV movement made a speech in front of all the presents. He also declared the action “The nation`s requirements” a preventive one, adding “If our MPs try to hold elections in the Donbas, we will take them out [of the parliament] and find new ones.”The speech by AndriyBiletskywas met with applause by all 10 000 activists in front of the Parliament. StepanKhmara, a political prisoner of the Soviet camps, VasylShklyar, one of the most famous modern Ukrainian writers and Hunter, company commander of the 23rd Territorial Defense Battalion of Ukraine also took the floor.

March “The nation`s requirements – no to the capitulation” ended with lighting the fires and reciting the Prayer ofUkrainian Nationalist by the activists.