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16:44 30.08.2018

Oleh Petrenko: the Azov regiment chanced to save in Illovaisk pocket

The military leadership made critical mistakes at all stages of the Illovaisk operation. This opinion was broadcasted on the TV channel by MP, a volunteer of the Azov regiment Oleh Petrenko.

"The Illovaisk operation, even in the offensive, was, from the very beginning, pointless," he said.

According to Petrenko, who was a volunteer of the Azov battalion on that time, Azov intelligence service reported about a fortified sector in Illovaisk.

‘The volunteers who were sent there, did not have any armored vehicles, tanks artillery and we had no heavy machine support. That is, the infantry had to force a powerful fortified sector. We reported about that, we warned,’ he said.

Petrenko noted that the Azov battalion was located near Mariupol, but the battalion was constantly involved in offensive operations in Illovaisk.

"We convoyed from Mariupol and took part in an offensive operation in Illovaisk. And when, before the next operation, we were given a task from which side we would have to come, our Georgian colleagues (the Georgian volunteers of the Azov regiment - Auth.), who were very helpful, because we were not military specialists then, said that we were taken into the ‘killing area” - noted the MP.

He is convinced: ‘the Azov regiment convoy just chanced to safe from the complete destruction of artillery attack’.

"One machine in the convoy broke down, and we stopped for a moment to repair it. And the area that we were to be in a few minutes, was covered with artillery fire , remembered the veteran of the Azov regiment

According to Petrenko, there were opportunities to withdraw military units during the fighting, but with less losses

"There would have been casualties, but not like shooting in the dash during a so-called “green corridor”, he said.

However, Petrenko stressed that all the days until the Chief of the General Staff Muzhenko had been in talks with the Russian leadership about the "green corridor" – the traps were laid along the corridor line, which were then used to destroy people who tried to get out of the “pocket”.
"Who is responsible for what happened in that “green corridor”?" - asked the MP.

"From the point of view of the assessment of the decisions taken from the very beginning of the offensive operation and until the withdrawal of troops, when they were surrounded by the enemies - incompetence and errors are total. This is an obvious fact, he concluded.