26.10.2021, 08:43
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09:59 01.04.2016

The basics for starting the negotiations are prepared

Ukraine is technically ready to restore the electricity supply to the occupied Crimea. In case of reaching some specific arrangements, the electricity supply in the occupied Crimea, through three transmission lines of 330 kV voltage, could be restored in a few hours, according to the head of the NEC "Ukrenergo" Vsevolod Kovalchuk.

According to his words, all the damaged power lines are restored, but on the border with Crimea, they are cut.

From one point of view, until the time the electricity goes through the power lines there is no reason to be indignant. Only a very naive person might suppose that the government would be wasting time and money on recovery the basic things, and not going starting the bargaining with the invaders. The bargaining, which with no doubt will show the readiness to accept the loss of the Crimea.

Ilya Zimnii