24.01.2022, 21:07
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21:37 17.09.2016

Details of today's clashes on Filatova, 14 with participation of Azov Civil Corps Odesa

Today, activists of the Azov Civil Corps Odesa together with veterans of volunteer battalions and other civil society organizations came once again to support the residents of Filatova Street, 14, who had been protesting against the illegal construction on the territory of the park during the last month.
After a public forum it was decided that there shouldn’t be any fence in the park and activists, with the support of local residents, began to dismantle the fence. The police responded to this with an attack against the protesters. The law enforcement officers used special means, like tear gas and batons.
During the clash, brutal representatives of law enforcement" agencies used force against elderly people, but the police officers did not react.
Special attention should be paid to police officer Losulevs’ka (personal ID №0002791), who has repeatedly shown itself trigger-happy and sworn at the locals, demonstrating who an officer of the Odesa police really is.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that all actions of the activists today were committed in a state of extreme necessity, as they were aimed at eliminating the dangers which directly threatened a great number of people, the public interest and interest of the state in case of destruction of a green area near the tuberculosis hospital. These actions were committed in order to avoid much greater harm than the harm caused by dismantling the fence and therefore, given the circumstances mentioned above and provisions of the Criminal Code of Ukraine they do not constitute a crime.

We promise the local residents that we will continue to provide them help and protection, as well as support by all possible means!