23.05.2022, 23:44
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14:29 12.10.2016

AZOV creates a party and marches on Kyiv

October 14 in Kyiv on Friday at 11.00 on Hrinchenko Str., 7 (House of the Architect) will be held a solemn congress of the political party National Corps The initiative group of the new political party constitute members of NGO AZOV Civil Corps, veterans of the AZOV regiment of National Guard, volunteers and patriots of Ukraine

On the same day at 18.00 from the Motherland Monument will begin the March of the Nation - the traditional procession of patriots on October 14 on the occasion of the Day of Ukrainian Cossacks, Ukrainian Insurgent Army and defenders of Ukraine This time the march united the main patriotic organizations in the country - Right Sector, AZOV Civil Corps, C14 and many others.