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18:37 08.12.2015


The war actualizes the spirit of the past, not only puts to the test our own. Since the onset of a new historical era, we seized an opportunity to stand at the forefront of myth making. The time passed, and we have changed with it. We were growing: from two dozen of activists in the Maidan to two thousand of soldiers in the special purpose brigade. From several firearms gained in the battle to our own tank production. Relying solely on our own strength and capabilities, we have managed to build our own military and public force that is ontologically new for Ukraine. Within a half a year of intensive work was created more than a highly battle-worthy team of fighters on the front. Around the military unit was created a powerful framework that includes a number of political, social, environmental, cultural and educational initiatives. All this we call, in one word, “AZOV".

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The leader of the "Azovian" movement is Andriy Biletsky. He was born in a Ukrainian family in Kharkiv. In his youth, Biletsky practiced several types of hand-to-hand combat and boxing and received the 1-st class in junior boxing. Also he did fencing, knife fighting, and other sports in which he achieved significant results. These skills helped him to create a system of military trainings in headed by him organizations, particularly in "Patriot of Ukraine." Since August of 2011 has started a series of Ukrainian patriots' arrests. Late August of 2011, starshynas of the local "Patriot of Ukraine" organisation in Kyiv and Vasylkiv were arrested in to the so-called "Vasylkiv terrorists case". In November of 2011, there was an attempt to kill Biletsky when he was fired upon in Kharkiv and received two firearm wounds. In December of the same year, Biletsky was arrested in the so-called "Defenders of Rymarska street" case. However, late February of 2014 the Ukrainian parliament adopted a decision on the release of political prisoners, and Biletsky with other prisoners were completely acquitted and freed from the custody. In May of 2014 he became a founder and commander of the "Azov" volunteer battalion.

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That was the first serious response to the emergence of "little green men" – the Russian Special Forces in Crimea. "Little black men" have conducted a number of successful guerrilla actions since March of 2014, and from the beginning of May they have entered into a military confrontation with separatists in the south-eastern Donetsk region. The"Azov" battalion liberated Mariupol, Starobeshevo and Maryinka from Russian separatists. Also they were the first to enter the suburbs of Donetsk clashing with the so-called “Donetsk People's Republic” fighters. Battalion took part in the hard battles at the approaches to Ilovaysk. Under the command of Biletsky, the "Azov" regiment conducted the only successful offensive of Ukrainian troops throughout the entire ATO as a result of which Shyrokyne, Lebedynske, Kominternovo, Berdyanske and Pavlopil were liberated. Currently, "AZOV" is involved in the defense of Mariupol. Area of "AZOV's" responsibility: the southeast of the Donetsk region. In June of 2015 began the process of converting the "Azov" regiment to the National Guard special purpose brigade.

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The regiment declares the prohibition of alcohol, any kind of looting and fraud. The only priority of "AZOV" is to defend Homeland. Our fighters are engaged in sports, train and prepare body and spirit for the daily struggle. Now the war is waged with the regular army of Russia and the professional mercenaries. So we must constantly improve ourselves. We created a new training base at which is held qualification of candidates who'll become the future soldiers of the regiment. Qualification course consists of a month of physical and psychological tests. If you pass the "Spartan" test, you may officially join the ranks of the regiment and will be sent to the units which correspond to your best qualities and skills. But learning does not end there. In the future you will train as a part of your military unit and constantly improve your level.

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As soon as the "Azov" regiment has achieved significant success at war with the Kremlin's military aggression, the internal political enemy has showed up, too. Therefore, the logical step in the development of our community is to cover not only a military front. All over Ukraine Civil Corps “AZOV” begins its active work.We must do our best to let Ukrainian nation live freely and safely in its own state again, govern it independently, control the wealth of its country and provide its children and descendants with the secure, dignified and prosperous future.

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Our ideas are revolutionary in their essence, because they ruin the modern worldview. We say that there are things that cannot be bought or sold. There are certain human beliefs which do not fit into the economic fabric of commodity-money relations. Family, religion, national feelings, devotion to country, patriotic duty are things that have no economic equivalent. Accordingly, on these grounds we build all the other things at the level of practical politics. Since we start with the idealistic views on human nature and society, our political model is also based on the priority of the idealistic worldview, altruistic motives, decent behavior, sense of duty, a healthy hierarchy, etc. for life and the development of a society. For the high standards and respect for moral values in politics a priori increase the general level of the society. Actually, this is a political alternative to the current system. We follow the examples of those prominent politicians of ancient, medieval or modern times who elevated above everything else the interests of the entire society, nation and state, sacrificing themselves.


The central figure of "AZOV's" emblem originates from the ancient times, too. The so-called sign of Hook was extremely popular among the Volyn nobility and Cossacks and was one of the most used in the Ukrainian military tradition symbols. According to the modern interpretation of patriots of Ukraine, this is a monogram and intersection of two letters – "I" and "N" – which symbolize our common motto – "Idea of the Nation." The letter "N" in the monogram is written in the old-style Ukrainian language (it had been written in this manner in the ancient Cossack documents before the times of Peter's spelling reform). While choosing a symbol, we were guided by its exclusively Ukrainian meaning, without reference to the German medieval heraldry and especially the symbolism of National Socialist Germany. For us, the "Idea of the Nation" is only the Ukrainian, Cossack symbol, so do not pay attention to those who want to find in it some other mysterious meanings.
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Аccording to the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Rights to Trademarks for Goods and Services," individuals and legal entities have the right to protect the signs which distinguish goods and services of one person from the goods and services of others through state registration of the marks for goods and services as provided by applicable law.

In particular, according to Art. 5 of the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Rights to Trademarks for Goods and Services," legal protection afforded to the sign which is not contrary to public order, principles of humanity and morality and is not subject to the grounds for refusal of legal protection established by this Law. The object of the sign may be any designation or any combination of signs. These designations, in particular, may be words, including personal names, letters, numerals, figurative elements, colors and combinations of colors, as well as any combination of such designations. Thus the state registration of the trademarks for goods and services confirms that the trademarks for goods and services, state registration of which was conducted by the relevant state authority, is not contrary to public order, principles of humanity and morality.

On 12 May, 2015 by Ukrainian Institute of Intellectual Property (authorized by the state of Ukraine institution that carries out state registration of marks for goods and services) was held registration of the mark "Azov" that represents the emblem of the "Azov" special purpose Separate squad of the military unit 3057 of the National Guard of Ukraine.

Right to the given sign for the goods and services belongs to the NGO "Society for Assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Navy "Civil Corps 'Azov'" which entitled individuals who represent the "Azov" regiment, in the social network "Facebook" in particular, to use this sign on the pages “Батальйон спеціального призначення "Азов", “Батальйон спеціального призначення "Азов" — нова сторінка” ("Special Purpose Battalion 'Azov'," "Special Purpose Battalion 'Azov' — New Page"), etc.

Therefore, please do not take any actions that prevent the use of the sign "Idea of the Nation," the emblem of the "Azov" regiment and other similar symbols, because these signs have a considerable historical background, are not contrary to current Ukrainian and international law and are protected by state registration of the rights to a mark for goods and services.