22.05.2022, 10:06
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16:12 10.04.2016

Russia is a crazy country

The occupational commandant "Russian FSB in the Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol" began checking on the fact of Russian anthem distortion. At the opening of the congress public expert council in front of the governor of Sevastopol, on the screen, where the hymn should have been broadcasted, the first lines of the text have been reproduced with some "rude and offensive mistakes." Thus, in the line "Russia - our sacred state” the word "sacred" was replaced by the adjective "crazy." Other local media did not show this censorial distortion of the hymn.

In addition, the music of the hymn was "accompanied by dissonant notes mixed with bell cacophony."

In August 2015, the State Duma deputy from the "United Russia" Raziet Natho proposed to introduce criminal responsibility for abuse of the national anthem.  The abuse can mean the "deliberate distortion of the musical version of the text" of Russian anthem. Now, of course, the adoption of appropriate amendments to the Criminal Code will be carried out with redoubled speed.

Obviously, the occupation authorities will announce this case as a provocation, but what happened is a symptom of the strengthening of anti-Russian positions in Crimea. The holiday season is around the corner, and vouchers to the resort facilities that will not be sold promise the Crimean if not the starvation, but the decline of living standards to the level of survival. In addition, the audacity of Russian officials and The Forces that take away the property is also a sobering factor for the local population. The gap in economic relations with Ukraine has put many companies on the brink of bankruptcy. The crash of the media has left many journalists, who today are happy to use their talents to expose the hated aliens from the Russian Federation, without their jobs. And so on.

Moreover, it should be said that those who have changed the words of the anthem of the Russian Federation, have not sinned against the truth.

Igor Olegovich