04.03.2021, 21:23
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10:00 26.03.2016

Russia becomes a hotbed of Islamic terrorism

Most supporters of the terrorist organization “Islamic State” that were detained in Ukraine are the citizens of Russia.

Recently, a number of special operations were carried out in Ukraine, during which four transit centers through which the ISIS supporters were passing (also to Syria) were eliminated. From 25 foreign arrestees, 19 are the citizens of the Russian Federation.

Only one situation that happened in Russia in 2015 was widely highlighted by the media – recruiting of the girl from St. Petersburg, Barbara Karaulova. Through the social network, she contacted the IS militants and went to Istanbul. But many cases do not get public disclosure, so as not to stir up trouble around the formation of a negative trend.

ISIS stands out from the other terrorist groups owing to skillful conduction of propaganda involving advanced marketing technologies, using all available communication tools and strategies. Scenes of violence that shock the audience are the foundation of  the media discourse of ISIS that attracts young people and people with unstable mentality.

What does this mean? Supporters and members of the ISIS freely move from Russia or the former Soviet Union. They use the territory of Ukraine as a transit. There is no visa barrier between the Russian Federation and the countries of Central Asia, where terrorists actively recruit new militants, Ukrainian borders still have a lot of "holes," and those who are in charge of flows of illegal migrants are aware of them. Here all kinds of crime are concentrated – from slave to drug trafficking. The biggest "gray zones" are located in the territory of the so-called “national republics” of Donbas controlled by the separatists that border with the Rostov region of the Russian Federation.

Roman Zheleznov