24.01.2022, 21:41
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16:05 03.04.2016

Russian helicopters illegally crossed the administrative border with Crimea

Russian reconnaissance helicopters were seen again on the administrative border with Crimea. State Border Service reported about two Mi-8, that crossed the airspace over the annexed Crimea.

Kherson border guards said that the aircraft "spied" along the Kherson region. Let us recall that 13 helicopters have been recorded in the last week to fly over the administrative border.

We cannot help worrying about the tendency of increasing the intensity of illegal flights in the Ukrainian sky. Along with the intensification of fighting in the east, some not very clear movements of Russian troops in the occupied Crimea began. The violation of the airspace must have caused a public outcry, and from the part of the authorities - the relevant acts either of the intercept or the extermination. However, the border guards of the state, that are involved into war, limited their actions,reportingto "their commanders" about hostile aircraft on the territory of Ukraine. After all, we do not conduct a war with an army of Russia, but there is only the ATO against terrorist groups of L/DNR.