23.05.2022, 11:12
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16:17 26.08.2016

Clarifying situation with Azov withdrawal from Mariupol. Is city being ceded to enemy?

Due to the fact that soldiers and commanders of the Azov regiment started to receive requests from the public and mass media we decided to clarify the situation surrounding our military unit.

Azov has really been withdrawn from Mariupol. 10 days ago a part of the regiment was redeployed to the Zaporizhia Oblast to perform tasks completely not inherent to special operations forces upon the order of commanders of the National Guard of Ukraine of which Special Operations Detachment "Azov" is a part. The NGU Command had nothing better to do than send Azov soldiers be on duty at inactive checkpoints and observation points outside the ATO zone. This task was previously carried out by local National Guard, which consists mainly of conscripts, who are now sent to Mariupol to be on duty at the checkpoints in the ATO zone.

Azov regiment received the order to leave the ATO zone just before the Independence Day celebrations, when the front line city needed reinforcement. At the same time, the most effective and combat-capable unit was withdrawn upon the order of NGU Commander, Lieutenant General Yuriy Allerov. And all this happens at the time when the frontline units are understaffed and those who continue to defend our country on the first line are already mentally and physically exhausted. Moreover, now we can observe the growing deterioration of the situation at the front line, while also receiving information that Russia concentrates troops in self-proclaimed LDNR and Crimea and prepares offensive.
However, the soldiers of Special Operations Detachment "Azov" are ready to replace their comrades-in-arms from the Armed Forces in any sector of the front and defend Ukraine at the cost of their lives. Instead of that, they are sent to the far rear. Perhaps, the purpose of this is to ensure that Azov soldiers will not prevent the government and Pro-Russian NGU command from ceding ground and entire cities.