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18:10 18.10.2016


Film "Movement" (with English subtitles) tells the story of modern Ukrainian nationalism on the rise - from the revolt agains corruption and arbitrariness of law enforcement to the political struggle against current authorities selling Ukrainian national interests to the Kremlin-friendly West.

Ancient Ukrainian history self-trained youth at war with the left instigated separatism the monument to Sviatoslav the Brave in Mariupol and the return of his seal from Moscow to Kyiv AZOV's Natiocracy School in theory and practice, war with the Russian Federation as a chance - unfolding of the Ukrainian nationalist front, "a sword and a shield of Europe " was first demonstrated to the participants of an international founding conference of the Intermarium Development Assistance Group "Baltic-Black Sea Union - an alternative of the EU for Eastern and Central Europe held in Kyiv July 2-3, 2016.

Thus the film may be also viewed as a Ukrainian role model for Europe willing to revive its roots and shape the future in accordance with the latter.