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23:18 31.08.2016

The Diary of Ukrainian Sergeant. Episode 6. From officers to sergeants courses.

There are several branches of power in a military unit: namely the officers’ branch, which is the main one, and sergeants’ branch.

At early 2015, when Azov was a battalion and when intense battles were still being fought, the command decided to organize the officer courses. Instructors had to train the personnel, namely platoon, company and battalion commanders and staff officers.

“Our course was reduced to 2 months for the regiment continued fighting, and we took the best soldiers and commanders” - recalls Borysfen, the Chief of Staff of the regiment. He, like other Azov commanders, completed the officers courses. “We did not have weekends, since the learning process was very intensive and, to be honest, I don't really know how we managed to do it.”, he said.

Officers were trained to command their units, were familiarized with the methods and means of combat, planning military operations, taking decisions on the battlefield, etc.

“All the commanders participating in these courses were also overseeing their units while studying. They were forced to go through the educational hell,” recalls Georgiy, the head of Military School.

The studying process took place at night, planning of operations took several days. In addition to that - physical and moral tests. Officers Kirt and Berserk remember those two months as one of the most difficult challenges in their lives. In 2015 some sergeants also completed the officers course. They were involved in operations planning and helped officers under realistic operating conditions. One of those sergeants was a soldier with the call sign Brytva. From the start of the sergeants courses he became the Sergeant major of the course.

“Sergeant Brytva has already had some basic knowledge, which had been required from the young cadets, he led them, gave pieces of advice, worked with them and at the same time he studied too. He really had to split himself into two parts." Georgiy explained.

Sergeant Brytva confesses that he wanted to have a professional military education since childhood, so he studied at military schools and completed compulsory military service. However, having faced the realities of Ukrainian Army, he was soon disappointed and did not become a professional soldier. His joining the Army for the second time was due to the beginning of war and the threat to the Motherland. Having gone through the liberation and defense of Mariupol together with the Azov regiment, Brytva finally decided to move up the military career ladder.