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19:04 03.04.2016

The life road of the Warrior, or another story of Ernest

»Man is not created in order to be defeated.

A man can be destroyed,

But it cannot be vanquished»

Ernest Hemingway


(From the memories of Ann, the friend and the classmate of deceased Ernie from "Azov")


It was a cold autumn day when it all started. As always,I was combing through the social networks ... Suddenly i felt that I don't feel my fingers, they were like steel, they refused to continue leafing through the news feed - I see some ads on the page  of Igor Golchenko in which he asks for financial assistance to raise funds for ammunition. He is going to war. I was so amazed by the news so I immediately texted to him, saying "Really? You just turned 18, are you crazy?!" and he calmly answered that it was his decision, and it will happen. When I heared this response, I simply agreed with him and said that we will help him in this matter. I was filled with two kinds of sensations: the biggest part of my mind flatly refused to recognize the fact that from this moment, my friend is in danger, and this is the beginning of something unknown for me; while the other, still a little smaller part of me was filled with pride.

I remember when I saw Igor for the first time when I went to school №22. He was a small, tan and ... well, very sociable boy. And when he put on his glasses, everytime the guilty Igor turned into a professor of the University of Oxford. At once, I was amazed by the fact that he could find common ground with everyone, who was open to others. And about the way he was talking to teachers you can write comedy stories. With regard to studying, Igor was one of those few people who were able to determine for themselves - what skills are needed and which are not. He often received unsatisfactory marks, and quarreled with teachers. But at the same time he knew more than the others, probably because doing self-studies and reading the necessary literature. The History of Ukraine - that's the subject that Igor really liked, and he was interested in everything that is connected with it. And despite the fact that he attended the classes not so often, but when he came to class, whatever the  teacher asked - he knew the answer to any question: beginning with the appearance of Kievan Rus', and ending with the current events.

Igor has always been »the life of the party», a kind of explorer. I remember our journey in Putivl in the sixth grade. We were taken to the Museum of the Great Patriotic War. We were easily walking to the entrance, when we saw a real, huge tank ... And who you think climbed into that tank? Yes, it was him, little Ernie. In a few minutes, the tank barely withstood the whole class. Some minutes after, Igor as the Columbus, who has just discovered America, rushed into the trench, that was a few meters away from the tank. Our hero wasn't scared at all by the trench - a dark, cold and unexplored. Again, we moved after him. We ran out in two minutes - frightened, bitten by mosquitoes, but so happy.

After the ninth grade Igor left school, joining Sumy Construction College. Since then, we have not spoken for two years. Each of us chose its path.

I was in the first year of university, when we regained our communication. It happened simply and all by itself "Hi. What's up? "And then there was no single day without us talking to each other. I took him to some concerts in my college, and he took me to the movies. So, he became for me someone very important, he had everything: the care of the guy, the guardianship of the brother and father's strict supervision. Every time I looked in his brown eyes, I saw something that made me, a 19-year-old girl, listen to his every word. In his 17, he was actually much older than me.

Now I remember how it all happened. How a part of me died, how my Ernie disappeared. My Great little Ernie. The last time I talked to him on the 9th of February, in that evening we finally agreed that he will have vacation and come on my birthday on the  February,17.That time I told him that I will be very offended if he does not come. Now I would give anything to change what has happened ... The next day I tried to call him, but the operator said:"The subscriber cannot receive calls." At first, I was nervous, but then I remembered that at the time of departure phones are prohibited to use. I calmed down a little, and continued to do my stuff. It had been 4 days, but Igor never appeared, and then I started to be seriously nervous, but there was nothing to do - there was no telephony.


I was in the kitchen drinking some tea and talking to someone in "VKontakte". Suddenly a friend of Igor and mine writes to me. "Anna, when was the last time you spoke to him?" - I read on the screen. I answer,«five days ago, he does not answer, perhaps, he is very busy». I see that "the user types a message," and my hands become cold and I have a feeling that something is wrong. My friend, without adding a word, sends to me the "post from the wall." I do not remember whose it was, and what exactly was written there. I saw the picture of him, and the only word "killed." I still cannot hold my tears, remembering it every day. There was my dad with me, he ran to me and started asking loudly, "What happened? Anne, tell me what happened?» Through the uncontrollable hysteria tears and with my hands and lips trembling I told him that my Igor was killed. I could not believe it, everyone said "Do not cry, maybe it's a mistake," but I did not want to listen to them for some reason, Icould not believe in such a mistake. I told everyone that there could be no mistake. Then I suffered like I never did before in my life. I cried as if I lost a part of myself...


It has been more than a year since our hero is gone, but he will live forever in our hearts  ... Such a small Big Ernie.

For those who came to fight with death for freedom,

There is no death on Earth...