22.05.2022, 10:31
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16:11 01.04.2016

The US is against the recovery of the nuclear status of Ukraine

The US said that Ukraine could not recover its nuclear status without revising the terms of the Budapest memorandum. The State Department specifically said that their support of Ukraine by the imposition of economic sanctions on Russia is extremely effective in the "struggle" with her military aggression.

Of course, America is very grateful to anti-Ukrainian politicians, who voluntarily gave the status of Ukraine's as of a strong player in geopolitics. Moreover, "the right step to give the nuclear arsenal" for the United States has been particularly useful, because with its help America enriched by millions of dollars through our nuclear stockpiles. And "threatening sanctions" against Russia do not interfere with the fact that some military people from "Grad" shell the Ukrainian territories.

However, if the US says that the nuclear status does not affect the national security, why they rather take back their nuclear programs than give them to South Africa, for example? All the patriots should consolidate in the opinion that the status of the armed country - is the unconditional guarantee of safety.

Anna Volnitsova