29.11.2021, 13:36
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09:53 31.03.2016

The attitude to terminating the diplomatic relations with Russia as a test for patriotism

After two years of war in southeastern Ukraine, our parliamentarians have decided to initiate the enactment of the severance of diplomatic relations with the Russian Federation. Apparently, this is a mundane episode which is designed to perform certain tactical tasks for the sake of diverting people's attention, and then to sink into oblivion. If there was no breaking of diplomatic relations at the peak of the military confrontation, why should it take place at a time when the conflict was frozen?

However, if you look at this measure not from the point of view of real prospects, but as an accomplished fact, the severance of diplomatic relations with the Russian Federation should be evaluated strictly positively. 

In this case:

1. The conflict rises to a new level of importance in the eyes of the world community. It is not about the war with the separatists, as this issue is now usually considered in Europe. We are talking about the fact that Ukraine believes that there was declared the war on it.

2. In the short term Ukraine would expel the entire diplomatic body of the Russian Federation. Russia loses a cover for a significant part of its agents.

3. Not recognizing the fact that Russia is aggressive and maintaining the diplomatic relations with it, we will automatically reduce our state level to that of the LNR and the DNR, as we are forced to negotiate with them in the Minsk format.

Some speculating on the fact that the severance of diplomatic relations would do harm to regularly Ukrainians who have some business affairs in the Russian Federation. However, with the expulsion of the diplomatic corps, trains still run, and there are Consular departments to solve the bureaucratic problems of citizens; besides, one may sign a contract with a third part. That means you can resort to the mediation of the embassies of the allied countries that are willing to help.

In any case, we will closely follow the fate of this initiative, because the attitude of the MPS and the president's administration will prove what all these people really have on their minds. Moreover, our goal is to make this typical of our authorities populistic act the idea which they will bring to a conclusion.

Igor Olegovich