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02:19 19.01.2016

Airsoft guns and the flag of the Netherlands: another hoax of the Kremlin’s propaganda

In the evening, Jan. 18 on the Web was spread a video address in which a group of people in camouflage destroys the flag of the Netherlands. People in the video were trying to pass themselves for the soldiers of the “Azov” regiment.

Even at first glance, it becomes clear that these persons cannot be the “Azovians”: a lack of the regimental chevrons, inappropriate footwear, uncharacteristic uniform and so on. But the airsoft guns are especially laughable. Everyone who is at least basically versed in weapons immediately notices it. In the airsoft AK-74M replica (which has never been in service in the regiment) are inserted the magazines from AKM of completely different caliber! Further comments on the quality of this hoax do not make sense at all. The only thing that is probably worth mentioning is the voice of a “chief spokesman” that is identical to that of the former “anti-Azovian” forgeries of the Russian propaganda.

The content of the appeal is also ridiculous for those who are at least partially familiar with the position of the regiment on the EU. The “Azovians,” as befits the Ukrainian nationalists, always treated negatively the idea of Ukraine’s joining the European Union and favored the Baltic-Black Sea alternative for our country. In addition, from the very beginning of its existence, the regiment supported the unity of European nations in the struggle against the Asian invasion, whatever form it takes (the post-Soviet or the Islamic). So burning the flag of the European nation-ally, and especially “for the EU,” makes no sense for the soldiers of AZOV.

However, it makes sense for Russia, which is always ready to spoil the international image of Ukraine. And appointed on the 6th of April referendum in the Netherlands is very appropriate for this occasion. So Putin’s Federation is prepared to demonize by any means Ukraine in general and the volunteer movement in particular in order to neutralize its own actions in the Crimea and Donbas in the eyes of the international community. However, it is obvious that the Kremlin’s propaganda machine, as always in the history of this country, produces quite cheap products: in the forgeries play the same actors, the clothing is second hand and the weapons are toy guns.

Also, watch the official address by the “Azov” regiment spokesman Andriy Diachenko on this occasion.