24.01.2022, 22:53
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11:29 16.04.2016

Terrorist attack in Novoalekseevka. Azov soldiers help to eliminate the consequences.

On April 14 at about 13-30 in Novoalekseevka, Genichesky district (Kherson region) the car "Lada" parked near the cafe "Druzhba" was blown up. The explosion left one person dead and four people seriously injured. The explosion caused the brake of the "light vehicle", some parts of which were at a distance of 200 meters.

The soldiers of the 4 hundred of the Azov Regiment, located on the Crimean blockade in Chongar, almost immediately arrived at the scene and in the evening, along with other military units launched an operation to arrest the suspects. Azov fighters also gave the photo of Novoalekseevka that clearly illustrates the power of the explosion.

Now there is an investigation going on, the investigators are searching for a substance or device that could cause a violent explosion.