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21:18 18.09.2016

Loud “Bravehearts” tournament dedicated to memory of Azovians nicknamed Belaz and Dius was held in Kyiv

On September 18, Kyiv hosted a kickboxing tournament called “The Bravehearts”, dedicated to the fallen heroes of the Azov Regiment “Borodach Division” - Ihor Belaz Bieloshytskyi and Denys “Dius” Denysiuk. The tournament was organized by the fighters of Borodach Division (also known as the Beardies) – the blood brothers of the fallen warriors. The date was chosen for a reason, because on this day, 28 years ago, Belaz was born. Besides soldiers of the Azov regiment, many not indifferent people and honorable visited this event, including the relatives and friends of the fallen Azovians. Andrii Biletskyi was also present at the “Pride” sport hall.

At the venue of the tournament, a photo exhibition on the life of the fallen Heroes was organized.
The tournament started with a minute of silence. In their lifetime, both Dius and Belaz had been people of strong spirit, true bravehearts, that’s why their sworn brothers from the Borodach Division organized this tournament in their honor.

Azovian "Bdzhilka" explains the purpose of the tournament as follows: "I believe that they are still alive. Why have we decided to hold a kickboxing tournament? In fact, these fellows strong and resilient during their lifetime. It makes no sense just to mourn for them. It won’t help the movement. This is how we harden our new fighters, make them feel that these warriors did not die in vain. The idea is to live, as well as Dius and Belaz will live in our hearts.” Thus, the tournament was aimed at tempering the spirits of all people who continue to fight today, making it clear that Dius, Belaz and dozens of fallen Azov fighters died not in vain.

After a minute of silence, a fighter nicknamed Fait recited the Prayer of a Ukrainian Nationalist, a legendary one for all Azovians, and then presented the judges of the tournament.
Participants of the tournament were divided into five weight categories: 60 kg, 65 kg, 70 kg, 75 kg, 80 kg. Each category was represented by two pairs of fighters.
The “Bravehearts” Tournament was held in a friendly atmosphere despite the spectacular battles in the ring. This event gathered friends and acquaintances with the sole purpose of honoring the fallen heroes of Ukraine The public consistently supported the competitors with loud applause.
Thanks to all the participants and audience of the tournament for staying not indifferent!