22.05.2022, 07:59
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17:09 18.09.2016

Meeting of Heads of Azov Civil Corps cells on future development of organization took place in Kyiv

Yesterday, 17 September, a general meeting of the heads of the Azov Civil Corps cells was held. The main theme of the congress was the wrap-up of the Azov movement tour and discussion on the plan for the future development of the Civil Corps. Building a strong network of regional cells is now stated as a main goal.
The meeting culminated in a speech made by our leader Andrii Biletskyi. He outlined the key objectives and priorities of the organization - everything we should strive for at the moment.

"The country is in a dilapidated state. We can no longer hope for a miracle. A new political force should be formed, the one that can take full responsibility. The force that is not only aware of what’s happening, but which also wants to grow the country, not in word but in deed. We must become this force. This force will be valiant and it will go to the end!" – with these words Andrii Biletskyi concluded the meeting.
But in fact these words are a precursor of a new ambitious stage in the life of the Azov movement. What stage? The entire country will find out very soon.