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12:07 21.09.2016

Azov CC activists exposed two teenagers in Lutsk, who sparked a massive public outcry by their cruelty to animals

Activists of the Azov Civil Corps Volyn managed to appoint a meeting with and detain Yurii Hnatiuk, who, together with his girlfriend, abused a cat and filmed it on video.

This material has caused an outcry in social networks. Young people put that pet in a freezer, a washing machine and even in an oven. Moreover, they threw a cat over a balcony. It was obvious that such an activity gave them a great pleasure.

During a conversation with the Azov Civil Corps activists, Yurii refused to talk, did not repent of his actions and did not understand what was wrong and why so much attention was paid to this issue.

After a while, knowing that passers-by had called the police Yurii tried to escape. The Azovians managed to catch him for the second time, carried out an explanatory work and turned him over to the police
The detainee explained that he was running, because he had already had a suspended sentence.

His girlfriend, an internally displaced person from Lugansk Liubov Taropina, who also abused animals and made a lot of photos in support of Novorossia, was detained by the SSU to check on her involvement with the LNR terrorist group.

Both animal abusers are now being prosecuted under Article 299 of the Ukrainian Criminal Code (“Cruelty to animals”).