22.05.2022, 11:22
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08:00 11.05.2016


There has been an undeclared war for 2 years on the East. Ukraine gave away at this war a lot of forces and its children’s lives. What were these sacrifices for? For saving the unity of the country or for the capitulation?

Now the Nation has a mission to survive and save the statehood. Ukrainian politicians try to silence this question and withdraw their eyes inconveniently. This is the question about elections in the Donbas. According to the plan imposed by Russia Ukraine has to hold elections in the Donbas – and do it as soon as this year!

What does it mean? – It means election under the guns of separatists. It means the prohibition on the Ukrainian parties, journalists and forced migrants It means the permission to vote for nonresident Russians. This is total legalization of the terrorists’ power and their pseudo-states. In fact, we`ll recognize the separatist formations and their legitimacy in front of the entire world.

This is capitulation!

At the same time, we don`t obtain any guarantees, terms and mechanisms for the terrorists’ disarmament, withdrawal of the Russian troops, restoration of the Ukrainian control over the border.

In other words, it will never happen.

The Minsk agreements shouldn`t be called so. “Agreement,” it’s when several parts agree about mutual concessions. But when one of these parts imposes its requirements – it`s a dictate!

If the Verkhovna Rada and the President decide to hold elections in the Donbas, it will mean the final loss of sovereignty over these territories. It will cause spreading the separatist gangrene all over Ukraine

Only the nation`s firm “no” can stop them! Ukrainians should oppose the capitulation with their own program!

Do you want elections?

Separatists’ disarmament – The withdrawal of the Russian troops – Restoration of the Ukrainian control over the border – Elections!

What can you do?

Join the march on May 20 in Kyiv

Don`t let the authorities capitulate quietly!

Support the Nation’s Requirements!

Say “yes” to our Victory, not our defeat!

Andriy Biletsky
Oleg Petrenko