29.01.2022, 09:49
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19:03 16.04.2016

On Sunday, the opening of the Sergeants School will take place.

On April 17 at 19.30 at the training base of the shelf Azov in Kiev (plant ATEK, 83 Victory Avenue, Svyatoshino) will be the solemn opening of the Sergeants School.

The founder and leader of the Regiment Azov and Azov Movement, the national authority, Andrew Biletsky, will carry out the opening that will be in front of the rows of soldiers, who admitted to the School.

The grand opening will be followed by the lighting of the flame at the Cup of Knowledge, school flag-raising ceremony and reading of the famous Azov prayer.

The school created by the Azov is the only one of its kind in Ukraine. Designed for the best military standards of NATO, this school must implement profound breakthrough in the reform of military education in general.