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13:01 13.09.2016

Statement by Azov Civil Corps on the events surrounding illegal construction

Recently, without regard for the interests of Kyiv inhabitants, the number of attempts to start illegal construction on the territories used by residents as green and recreational areas has considerably increased.
The most prominent example is the situation with the attempts of illegal construction of housing on Sviatoshynskyi Lane, where instead of the previously planned kindergarten the Stock Holding Company Kyivmiskbud is going to build a 25-storey apartment building. In addition, it will lead to the destruction of the adjacent public garden and will threaten the structural integrity of the neighboring houses. Moreover, instead of starting an open dialogue with the residents of nearby houses, who are protesting against the construction, the management of the SHC Kyivmiskbud used unnecessary and illegal force against the people and tried to begin construction by force.
And when, with the help of the Azov CC activists, local residents managed to put a stop to these attempts, the SHC Kyivmiskbud began to blackmail the Kyivians promising to stop construction work on all current developments.

Azov Civil Corps reiterates its condemnation of such actions of the SHC Kyivmiskbud management, and of ignoring the legitimate interests of Kyiv inhabitants by the city council.

Azov CC demands that authorities of the City Council, its deputies, and personally mayor Klitschko consider the problem of the new facilities construction at an extraordinary meeting. First and foremost, they should examine the cases when decisions on construction ignored the interests of the residents of nearby houses, or when the construction can affect recreation areas. Moreover, it’s necessary that they should review the City's General Plan, with a view to a corresponding increase in the number of accommodation places, of places for children s education and development and for recreation and physical improvement in Kyiv

If you continue ignoring the interests of Kyiv residents, the Azov Civil Corps declares its readiness to have recourse to direct action in order to protect the inhabitants of Kyiv and to initiate early municipal and mayoral elections.

A healthy family and healthy children are the foundation of the success of Nation, and we will always protect the interests of Ukrainian families