23.05.2022, 20:13
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17:17 14.09.2016

Statement by Azov Civil Corps on the memorandum among construction companies, Kyiv authorities and National Police

We welcome the signing of a memorandum among the construction companies, Kyiv authorities and National Police. This is an ultimate victory of Kyiv residents and activists of the Civil Corps.

We have repeatedly demanded the Kyiv authorities to protect the interests of the people and prevent violence on construction sites. It’s good that they have heard us. It’s bad that we have achieved this through the blood and scandals.

We will closely monitor the implementation of the principles of this memorandum. Unfortunately, the Ukrainian reality is that memoranda often remain only on paper. The Budapest Memorandum is the clearest example.
We responsibly declare that we will not allow extralegal violence against Kyiv communities. Nobody would ever hurt people in Kyiv in order to protect the interests of property developers. Local residents can always count on us and contact our hotline 24 hours a day:
+380 (44) 333 33 23;
+380 (63) 708 01 23.